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Blackburn Hall

Presented in the Blackburn Hall

Apr 20 – May 15, 2016


Enduring friendships are at the heart of this endearing and witty comedy where five very different women who met on their college swim team reconnect every year at a beachfront house in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Leaving, husbands, jobs and kids behind these women come to laugh, reminisce and meddle in each other’s lives. With the southern charm of Steel Magnolias and the biting repartee of The Golden Girls, The Dixie Swim Club is a hilarious and often touching tribute to friendships that last a lifetime.

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The Naples Players at the Sugden Community Theatre, 701 5th Ave. S, Naples FL 34102
BOX OFFICE: 239 263 7990 ADMIN: 239 434 7340 FAX: 239 434 7772 E: theatre@naplesplayers.org


  • 701 5th Ave. S, Naples Florida 34102
    BOX OFFICE: 239 263 7990 ADMIN: 239 263 7990
    FAX: 239 434 7772

  • John Sorey III, Exc Director 434-7340 ext 15
    Dallas Dunnegan, Artstic Director 434-7340 ext 33
    Becky Troop, Director of Volunteers 434-7340 ext 14
    Megan McCombs, Director of KidzAct 434-7340 ext 39
    Craig Walck, Production Manager/Light Designer 434-7340 ext 26
    Cole Butcher, Production Stage Manager 434-7340 ext 36
    Dolores Fetters, Secretary 434-7340 ext 10